Instructions - Frosting Sheet

Frosting Sheets requires moisture to adhere. When using a fondant or other dry icings, you must dampen the surface you are applying the sheet to.
With store bought cakes or buttercream you should apply the image when the frosting is freshly applied, if not they can crust or dry and you must dampen the frosting prior to applying the sheet.

All icing images come with instructions. Simply remove the edible icing art from the clear plastic backing and place on top of freshly iced cake or cupcakes. The sheet only has 1 plastic backing. Once this backing is remove, your topper is ready to apply. After 15 to 25 minutes the edible icing art will blend with the frosting to give your cake a professional look. Each topper is shipped in a plastic zip lock bag.

* No refrigeration is necessary!
* Keep your toppers in the bag it arrived in, store at room temperature & out of direct sunlight.