Care Instructions - Wafer Paper

All wafer images come with instructions.
Each topper is shipped and sealed in a plastic zip lock bag to maintain its moisture.

* No refrigeration is necessary!
* Wafer paper has a one year shelf-life.
* Keep your toppers in the bag it arrives in, store at room temperature & out of direct sunlight.

Wafer paper is a great way to make a cupcake and cookies look fantastic and professional. These are an easy and inexpensive way to make your celebration look a perfect. All wafer images come with instructions.

All our edible image  toppers are printed on great tasting high quality wafer paper with high-quality food coloring for vibrant designs. The image is printed on an wafer paper, so the colors may not appear exactly the same or as vibrant as you would expect from a photo picture, which is smooth and glossy because a wafer paper has many uneven duvets in it, please take this into consideration when ordering.

The quality is superior and made in the USA. 100% Edibles, Allergy-Free, Gluten-Free, Kosher and vegetarian. They contain no known allergens.

The wafer paper can last up to a 12 months when stored at room temperature and kept sealed in the plastic zip lock bag they are shipped in. It is recommended they are kept flat in a cool place out of direct sunlight to prevent fading. No refrigeration is necessary!